Yes, she did. No, really.

Ladies and germs, please welcome the Mayor of Holland, Michigan, Nancy DeBoer. This is some Reefer Madness silliness goin' on here. We can't believe that an elected official actually SAID it, out loud, in front of people.

Nobody seems to know exactly where this video was taken (possibly a town hall?) but it's pretty clear that she actually made these ludicrous claims in public.

And I quote:

You know you have, uh, cannabis-infested...uh, infused, I should say not infested...infused cookies and so, somebody takes a bite and doesn't feel anything, takes another bite, doesn't feel anything, finishes the cookie, jumps off a balcony."


"And then, sometimes places explode because they try to take the chemical down to the most intense amount and, uh, that process can cause explosions."


Meth? Is that what she thinks she's talking about??


From what we've gathered, Mayor Nancy DeBoer is always like this. West Michiganders actually refer to her just "being Nancy," so it's clear that this is a pattern.

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