Police in Michigan will be making sure that everyone is buckled up on the roads as the 'Click it or Ticket' campaign starts.

Starting on Thursday October 17th, and running through the 31st police will be stepping up seat belt enforcement throughout the state. It seems crazy that people are not wearing seat belts all the time already, but there is an extra incentive to buckle up now. The fines that police can hand out for not buckling up are increased during the period. The fine for not wearing a seat belt will be a minimum of $65 during Click it or Ticket.

The police are doing everything they can to let people know about the hazards of not buckling up.

I would hope that it's become second nature to put on your seat belt when you sit in your car, but the stats don't always back that up.

The good news is that Michigan ranks higher than the rest of the country when it comes to buckling up.

In Michigan, seat belt use currently stands at 94.4 percent, higher than the national seat belt use rate of 89.6 percent (2018 latest statistics).

So don't just focus on buckling up for the rest of the month, make sure it's something you do for the rest of your life.

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