Talk about a bittersweet victory!

Meet Tristan Vance from Clio. When he was in middle school, he was experiencing a lot of pain in his lower back. Doctors investigated and found a tumor near his spine.

The tumor was removed when Tristan was 12, and it resulted in extensive physical therapy. He couldn't walk at first and couldn't bend over, but he persisted through his rehabilitation and started wrestling under the supervision of his dad, who was also a wrestler.

In January, during a wrestling meet in New Lothrop, his pain flared up again. His dad said that he was walking "like an 85-year-old man." Doctors found that the spot where the tumor had been never filled in after surgery. He took some time off but wanted to continue wrestling; unfortunately, he was above his weight class. So he decided that he'd only go as far as his body would allow him.

Vance ended up going to districts, regionals and then the state tournament at Ford Field over the weekend where he won 1st place. Clio sent five wrestlers to State this year. Congrats to Tristan and all the local competitors!

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