And their outing this weekend is a surprise, so mum's the word!

We got an email from Patrick, who works at Absolute Home Health and Hospice in Grand Blanc. He has a patient who is mentally challenged and LOVES pizza; in fact, not long ago, the chaplain, Stacey Peak, called on speakerphone (they're not allowed to visit in person because of COVID-19) to say hello and all he wanted to talk about was pizza.

Patrick knows the owner of Big Brutus Pizza and, when he told her about his pizza-loving patient, she invited the residents of the facility to come in on Sunday afternoon, when they wouldn't normally be open, to make their own pizzas. The owner of Absolutely Home Health and Hospice, Deema Hannan, is paying for the food at cost.

So, this weekend, Patrick and chaplain Stacey will be taking the four residents to Big Brutus to make their own pizzas and enjoy them, along with their own drinks.

It's a pizza party! Patrick said that he feels "blessed to be able to make a final wish come true."

If you've ever been to an assisted living or any type of hospice care, you'd know how important entertainment is to the residents. Most of them exist only with their interactions with staff and family (who can't even visit right now because of the coronavirus), so an outing like this is HUGE. And it's also staff taking their own weekend time to make the residents happy.

We wouldn't have known about this if it wasn't for Patrick's email. If you have good news to share, please share it with us!

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