"You guys have the best music ever, I can't wait to join."

It's not very often that you hear about kids who are enamored with the marching band instead of the football players, so drink that feel-good Kool-Aid for Henry Boyer.

He's a third grader from Howell and he loooooves the University of Michigan's marching band. He attended his first game last fall and left with a new obsession. He started rocking out to YouTube videos and their CD's when he got home.

Boyer even wrote them a letter, telling them that he wants to be in the band someday. And, to his surprise, he got a letter from the band, inviting him to audition when he's old enough.

And that's not even the best part - CBS News arranged for Henry to go see the band play during one of their rehearsals. Henry's mom says that he's "on fire for music" after all of this, and we love it, too.

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