Mayor Walling has a tough decision on his hands regarding the shutting down of  two fire houses. Check out the target locations from mlive's report:

The move to shutter two fire stations also comes as city firefighters continue to see a spike in the number of arsons and when the department is reporting five firefighters injured on the job this month.

Closing the stations — combined with the planned demotions of 21 fire department supervisors — will save the city $500,000 this fiscal year, Walling said.

“With all the arsons now, I just find it hard to believe that they would do it,” said east-side resident John Bednarski, 58. “That would place more burden on the other stations. I don’t know what they could do if they can’t afford it.”

“It’s a tough decision. I’m glad I don’t have to make it.”

At least 19 suspected arsons have occurred so far this month, up from 16 last month and seven in January 2010.

Last year, the city recorded a record 486 suspected arsons.