Flint schools gained students on Wednesday, its annual count day. This after many years of declines in enrollment.

According to MLive, Flint schools were up 44 students since last October. State funding is directly tied to the number of students in districts and Flint has climbed back up to slightly over 7,100 students, but still down significantly from the 2012-13 school year.

The student count is important for the Flint School District's Deficit Elimination Plan. Flint schools have a $10.4 million deficit and also owe the Genesee Intermediate School District $8.6 million for misspent millage funds. Part of the Deficit Elimination Plan calls for the district to lose 400 students next year, however if they lose more, the state requires immediate cuts to make up the difference.

Interim Superintendent of Flint Schools Larry Watkins told MLive that retaining a high level of seniors and around 1,300 kindergartners is a key component to following the path out of deficit.