The Flint School District has less than one week to pay $4.7 million it owes the state employee pension system or the state could withhold student aid.

According to MLive, the money is due after the district started making partial payments to the Michigan Public Employees Retirement System in January. Kurt Weiss, a spokesman for the Department of Technology Management and Budget says the district agreed to pay the money it owes by July 22nd.



This comes at a tough time for the district that is already working to erase a nearly $16 million budget deficit.

The Mlive article says the state recently withheld $660,000 in monthly state aid to the Pontiac School District after the district didn't pay the $4.2 million it owed in employee pension payments.

Weiss said Flint's is the largest remaining delinquency and the state has had a "good history with Flint." He added "we'll see what happens by July 22."

Flint School District Spokesman Bob Campbell said the issue will be discussed at the board of education's meeting on Wednesday, July 17th.