It was postponed due to the snow last Saturday, so you've still got an opportunity to buy tickets.

Put on your grown-up diapers and get ready for a night of spooky fun in Ypsilanti...if you've got the cajones.
Detroit Paranormal Expeditions is hosting a few tours through the Michigan Firehouse Museum this coming Saturday, the 26th, and there are a few tickets left for the late-night investigation.

The firehouse is rumored to be home to the ghost of one of its past fire chiefs, Alonzo Miller, who supposedly died there in 1922 after a fire (ironic, for sure).

The family of Miller debunked the date of his death, saying he didn't pass until the '40s. However, the firehouse still welcomes paranormal groups to investigate the firehouse, regardless.

If you're interested in tickets for the 11 PM - 2 AM tour, click HERE.

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