New testing shows that lead levels in Flint water are the lowest they've been since the beginning of the water crisis. Thank god.

Looks like we're finally getting some positive results, as reported:

Lead and Copper Rule testing by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality from July through December produced the 4 ppb mark, down from 6 ppb in the first half of 2018.

Federal regulations require that at least 90 percent of water samples tested must be are at or below 15 ppb.

I know personally it can be kinda hard to believe what the news is saying. A large part of the water crisis is the amount of lies that we were being told every day. As new details coming about testing, it still has people feeling a bit nervous... and rightfully so.

However, I think that the because of the crisis,  Flint's results are probably being monitored much closer than anywhere else in the United States. Can you imagine the fallout if someone gets caught sweeping important test results under the rug again? You'd have to be crazy to even try.

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