Any child of the 1980s can tell you memories of watching — and being totally freaked out by — Unsolved Mysteries, the long-running true crime anthology series that ran on NBC (and later CBS and even Lifetime) all through the late ’80s and ’90s. The show used documentary interviews, reenactments, and host Robert Stack in a trench coat to chroncled assorted mysteries of the unsolved variety. There were missing persons, wanted fugitives, and then more out-there stuff like alleged UFO sightings and assorted supernatural shenanigans. In the way it blended fact and fiction, and played into viewers’ fascination with unexplainable phenomena, it anticipated a lot of reality television, along with pretty much everything on the History Channel these days.

Sensing there was still life in the concept (and jokers like me who have fond memories of the old show), Netflix is giving Unsolved Mysteries another go. Deadline reports Shawn Levy is producing a new revival for the streaming service:

The 12-part show will use re-enactments in a documentary format to profile real-life mysteries and unsolved crimes, lost love, cases involving missing persons and unexplained paranormal events. Each episode will focus on one mystery.  In the original series, actors played the victims, criminals and witnesses but family members and police were regularly interviewed.

This is not he first attempt at an Unsolved Mysteries reboot since Stack’s death in 2003. Spike had their own iteration hosted by Dennis Farina, which ran for 175 episodes between 2008 and 2010.

Still, Stack’s the guy most closely associated with the show. Here’s the opening and closing of the very first episode to give you the nostalgic feels.

Oh yeah, that gets me right in the creepies. Bring on more Unsolved Mysteries. And then get me more Rescue 911. Shatner can still host that one!

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