Update 8:30PM Wed 1/6

According to several media outlets, John Engler has reportedly officially stepped down Wednesday evening in response to a request from the Michigan State University Board of Trustees.

Update 5PM Wed 1/16

Lansing's WVFN reports from various media sources that Engler is expected to resign before the Michigan State Board of Trustees can take action at their scheduled emergency meeting.

Original Report

Sources say that the Michigan State University Board of Trustees has asked Interim President John Engler to resign or he will be fired Thursday. According to the Detroit Free Press, the board has scheduled an emergency meeting for 8:00 Thursday morning to reportedly fire Engler if he hasn't resigned by then.

Engler has been criticized pretty much since the day he took over as interim president at his alma mater, replacing Lou Anna Simon. Simon had resigned as she also received heavy criticism, and is even facing criminal charges, related to her response to the Larry Nassar sex abuse scandal.

The latest criticisms of the former Michigan governor came in response to comments he made to the Detroit News editorial board that Nassar survivors were "enjoying the spotlight". That launched an uproar on social media and elsewhere from many reinforcing that Engler should be gone as MSU's interim president.

We will update this story as more information becomes available and if Engler does indeed resign before Thursday morning.

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