Her father, a veteran of the Korean war, was on the receiving end of this random act of kindness.

Facebook user Susan Blatchford posted a heartfelt message on Facebook last Wednesday, hoping that it will find its way to the stranger who was so kind to her dad at the Meijer store in Waterford.

My Dad is the Korean veteran that you were in line with earlier this week. You offered to pay for all of his groceries as a way to thank him for his service. He was so deeply moved by your act of kindness, and generosity that he still chokes up telling the story.
I appreciate the feelings you had to set aside in order to approach a complete stranger the way you did.

I want you to know that not only did this man serve his country faithfully, but has dedicated his entire life to committing acts of kindness to others. Therefore; I cannot express in words how it feels to have his generosity returned by your selfless act.
You are a precious gift; may God bless you richly.

No word yet on whether or not this man received the message, but it's the act of kindness that counts. Pay it forward when you can.

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