A Minnesota woman whose dog went missing three years ago is being reunited with her pup because of a beer can.

Motorworks Brewing made headlines recently when they made the decision to put pictures of adoptable dogs on beer cans, much like missing children who were featured on milk cartons in the past.

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Monica Mathis saw the story while scrolling through Facebook and recognized her dog, Hazel. The animal (who was given the name "Day Day" by a Florida shelter) was one of four dogs featured on the brewery's cans.

"I saw one of the dogs on there and I was like 'oh my gosh, that looks like my dog,'" Mathis tells WFTS.

Mathis tells the TV station she lived in Iowa when Hazel went missing in 2017. She has since moved to Minnesota, making the information on the dog's microchip obsolete. She has no idea how the dog would have gotten to Florida.

The staff at the Manatee County Animal Shelter are working to get Hazel to Mathis.

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