If your bill was inflated because of the new meters, you only have to pay for what you used.

Ronda and Thomas Black have lived in the same house in Flint for 27 years. Their average monthly water bill was around $67 per month...until the new meters were installed. This month, their bill was over $800.

The extra charge was for back-pay, apparently. They went to local agencies for help but were told that there was nothing that could be done unless they had a shut-off notice.

Flint Mayor Sheldon Neeley found out about the discrepancy and told the Black family that they only had to pay for the water they used, and NOT the back-pay.

He said that he's not going to put the city's cash flow problems "on the backs of residents."

Vanguard utility crews are making their way around the city, installing new meters. City officials say that they should be leaving notes for residents about installation and that you can ask for credentials to confirm that it's them.

If you have questions about your bill, here's a list of contacts at City Hall.

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