After receiving a double lung transplant and spending 29 days on life-support, Daniel Ament is speaking out about the dangers of vaping.

Ament returned to Grosse Point North Middle School where he was once a student and spoke to teens about his experience.

"I was very active, I played varsity sports, got almost all A's and my ultimate goal was to be a Navy Seal in the military," Ament told the crowd. "Please be smart and think about the consequences that can be caused. It's not worth the temporary feeling that you get when you're vaping."

He noted that as a 16-year-old who'd spent 29 days on life-support, he was only given a 10% chance of survival. Ament admits that he had occasionally vaped marijuana in addition to nicotine products.

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He now takes 20 pills a day and told the teens his life is not what he'd expected it to be. Ament has started a foundation for health and wellness, saying he wants to warn teens about the dangers of substance abuse. That website is


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