You've got more time to enjoy the outdoors this year.

COVID-19 has canceled almost everything this year...except for camping. And Michigan campgrounds are definitely NOT seeing a slowdown in the summer of 2020. In fact, one of them has been so busy that they've elected NOT to close after Labor Day weekend and to, instead, stay open until October.

Wolverine Campground in Columbiaville has announced that they will be keeping their gates open until October 12th this year.

Genesee County Parks and Recreation Commission Director Barry June told Mid-Michigan Now that "a lot of senior citizens like to camp in the fall, and this year with students staying home to school, we’re anticipating that parents are going to want to get out and maybe take their family out on the weekends to get away from the house."

Michigan campgrounds saw a shortened season this year, but more campers because of coronavirus. However, weekend activities at the campgrounds were canceled to avoid bringing together large groups of people.

According to WZZM-13, most campgrounds saw a slow start to their season, but the numbers of campers in July and August made up for it.

If you haven't made reservations yet but you'd like to camp because Wolverine closes on October 12th, click HERE to make reservations. Would be a great time to see the fall colors and stay close to home, too!

Where's your favorite place to camp in Michigan? Do you like to stay close to Genesee County or to venture out further?

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