If you have driven through the intersection of Miller and Linden Roads in the last few months you probably noticed that Valley Coney Island is no longer there. ABC 12 reported last October that after 34 years Valley Coney Island was moving. They changed their name and moved to Elms Road North of Corunna and changed the name to Valley's Breakfast and Bistro.

This left the corner of Miller and Linden vacant. A few months ago I noticed they started to tear down the outer walls of the building. For a while, there were faded Mobile letters on the front of the building. I wasn't sure if it used to be a Mobile station, or if one might be going in.


Now, they have redone the exterior of the building, but the Valley Coney Island sign remains at the corner, and there is a for rent sign in the front grass. Is it going to be a retail outlet? It kind of looks like it could also be a doctors office? What will it be, and when will we know? I drive through that intersection a few times a week and it is driving me crazy.

AVG Photo
AVG Photo

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