A special documentary will air tonight at 10:30 on Lifetime. It is the story of the Schwandt family from Rockford Michigan. The Schwandt is known for not only having 14 children, but all 14 of those children are boys.

The documentary shows the family preparing for the birth of their 14th son Finley. He was born in April of this year, and his gender was revealed at the time of his birth.

Shortly after Finley arrived, Wood TV interviewed the couple about their latest edition.
It is so rare that all 14 of their children are the same gender. According to MLive, Kateri Schwandt would like a girl, but her husband Jay says they will not try for a 15th child.

Their 14 children range from infant to mid-twenties. Their oldest son just had a child of his own this summer. In what seemed like an unlikely chance, that child was a girl.

See the Lifetime special tonight at 10:30 pm.


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