If you are an Amazon Prime member you probably do some Chrismas shopping with the online retailer. This year, you can not only buy gifts online, but a live Christmas tree to go with them.

The online retailer announced earlier this year that they will carry a wide variety of live Christmas trees this year, ranging from 2 feet to 7 feet tall. Some of those trees will even be eligible for Prime two-day shipping. If you need new decorations to go with the tree, they have that covered too. They also announced that they will have a wider variety of holiday decor this year.

Amazon has always sold artificial trees, but those come in a box. The image I have of the poor UPS delivery person huffing it up my driveway with a 7-foot tree on his back is one I may have to see to believe.

According to USA Today, Amazon says the trees will be shipped within 10 days of being cut, so they should arrive fresh. You can purchase the trees, wreaths, and garland beginning in November.

Now if only someone would set up the tree and decorate it for me.


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