The class is offered exclusively at the University of Mother Nature. Class size is unlimited, requires no tuition, no books, no lab fees or student loans. Depending on the lesson, semester duration may last a few minutes to several days. Classes are offered 24 hours a day subject to the whim of the instructor. Once enrolled, students are required to listen attentively and observe the instructor, then, act on what was presented. Grades are based on the active participation.

One recent class began December, 21 2013 and lasted until December 28, 2013 with remedial instruction offered January 5, 2014. Students who attended this class had expectations of peace and goodwill, but the subject matter was delivered with a chilling indifference and an icy abandonment much to their chagrin.

Prior to the final exam the instructor offered offered his summary -

"In fair weather, fluffy clouds and a gentle breeze can offer respite from the season's high temperatures. Trees also provide shelter from the heat, bear fruit and are pleasing to the eye. Innocuously, utility power lines deliver necessary energy to help sustain life, maintain a high standard of living and add convenience to life. In their own season, politicians on the campaign trail offer peaches and cream, the kitchen sink and promises of smooth sailing to a bright future in exchange for your vote. After the storm however quite a different scene is experienced. The ice which normally cools your beverages has become the adversary of your heat shield, reduced it's ability to be fruitful and interrupted a vital element of daily life. The blue sky and cirrus clouds have transformed from tranquil and wafting to gale force angry. Performing daily activities is not only inconvenient, but encumbered by the realization of false hope equal to vegetables without dessert being served on rough seas."

Once the marking period ended, the unprepared student is anxious while waiting for the report card. The attentive student has no angst and will graduate with honors. To remain at the head of the class, each student should cull the briars and overgrowth during the fair weather season, that is, insist on true and consistent constitutionally limited government which will reduce the damage caused by falling agents of power.