Residents in Flint, MI will be voting in November for a Mayor. The contest is between the incumbent, Karen Weaver serving out her first term, and Sheldon Neeley who is term-limited from the Michigan House of Representatives. Both are residents of Flint, both are Democrats, and both are Black. That's where the similarities end, but it is not just policy differences that separate the candidates. Mayor Weaver has invoked "race" into the race by labeling Mr. Neeley as "one of us who sold out" causing division in the community.

This is not the first time she has used this terminology to describe a political opponent. First, during a recall effort in 2017, the same phrase was used to describe the person who spearheaded that effort, and again referencing Mr. Neeley in September 2019. Mayor Weaver has yet to explain the characterization of fellow residents and those who have policy differences with her. Listen to her comments here.

If this is her true opinion of Flint residents, does she have the ability to lead, without bias, ALL FLINT RESIDENTS? This question should be asked of her, and her answer weighed by voters at the ballot box in November.


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