All aboard, (if you are allowed to ride), please take your seat and have your tickets ready. The train is leaving the station., shows comments which are baseless, subjective, deceitful and without merit. The scheme politicians use to score political points have devolved into a status lower than what occurs on a playground populated with children. This case in particular shows how far some will go to in order to achieve a political end.

The debate over the timing of when to have a vote for the Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch, is not a racial matter as ascribed by Senator Durbin. The delay in calling the vote is tied to another piece of legislation and the passage or not of it. Every lawmaker in congress, members of the media who cover congress and citizens who follow the daily activities of congress, all know the truth of the matter. Why then, would the senator from Illinois make the statement as if it were undisputed fact? Why does the news media only report on, or show the clip with the insidious remarks? What does the race of the nominee have to do with the pending vote by the legislative body?

Rational questions all, but the answers to them defy logic. In the case of the media, they’re interested in the shock value of the headlines. The thought process is to blast the “outrageous comments” while providing little context, and in some cases overtly omitting facts, with the goal of selling more papers and/or attracting viewers to their station. This is embellishment beyond belief. A recent case of this type of “journalism” was seen a few weeks ago by NBC’s Brian Williams and his recalling of his visit to a war zone.

The Democrat senators shown in this video have chosen to over indulge us with what I’m sure they believe is a clever approach to forcing the opposition party into submission. What they perceive as ingenious puts on full display their inability to persuade others by virtue of the merit of the issue which is before them. It also speaks to the attitude of the lawmaker towards the constituency they represent. He or she must believe a voter can be manipulated to act out of a base emotion and not by the ability to critically analyze the facts of an issue. They have given themselves sanction to override our sense of reality and submit us to what is their truth, in the pursuit of a political end.

It is of no consequence the race of the nominee as her professional qualifications are more than adequate. Her political philosophy and failure to impress the senators on the judiciary committee are the causes in the delay. Rather than debate facts, it is the past racial strife which the nation endured, and the bitterness some still harbor towards that era, which Senator Durbin and others on the left choose to exploit. To take advantage of the fears and ignorance of man for political and financial gain has been perfected by not only congress, but civic groups as well.

Because racism is not an inherent trait but one that is learned, and the discriminatory practices of segregation outlawed, why is the hateful charge still a factor? Once the charge is made, the accused is put in a most untenable position. He must defend against what all agree was the most blighted period of American history. He has become the denier of human rights and one who harbors superior and self-righteous tendencies. Whether or not the accusations prove false to overcome the stigma associated with it is a monumental task. For individuals discussing differences between one another resolution is easily achieved. When the indictment is made by a public official as in this case, the gravity of the allegation will increase.

But the public in general and voters who support politicians who obfuscate truth with false claims bear some responsibility for the finger pointing as well. Blatant falsehoods in the light of contrary facts, is the result of a weak and dishonest intellect chosen in place of earnest resolution. The phrase “hands up, don’t shoot” from last year’s incident in Ferguson, Missouri is a prime example. To this day even, some are unwilling to accept the reality of what happened, and default to the position of racial inequality as the cause of death of Michael Brown. Those willing to explain any disparity or disagreement between individuals as having occurred due to an evil design only diminish true declarations by an individual with actual contentions.

But it is not just political appointees, political opponents or unprincipled dupes that become the prey and victims of racial warfare. The latest fatality in the battle for reason is The Starbucks chain of coffee houses. They’ve felt the heat of the “politically correct” cooktop, and in place of a plain donut, treat us to pastries sprinkled with ethnic flavors and our java cooled with a blend of cultural harmony. What’s next; pasta and a foreign language tutorial? When I patronize any establishment, it is for the goods and services advertised on the marquee. The question, should that business be a coffee house, “good morning may I help you, will that be one lump or two?”, will suffice.

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