It's rude and it's wrong.

A woman flew off the deep end after she was confronted for parking her car in a handicapped space outside of a Tim Horton's in Toronto.

After the man recording the video asked her why she did, it the woman tossed coffee at him and unveiled a steady stream of "F" bombs while he continues to ask, "What makes you so special?"

(Seriously, note the NSFW quality of the video -- it's loaded with expletives.)

He threatens to turn his footage over to the police, claiming she assaulted him, and then stood by as she motioned like she would run him over.

It's a tense moment and a surprising one, since the stereotype of Canadians is they are a friendly people.

Would you ever have the nerve to approach someone for parking in a handicapped spot or would you simply walk away? Approaching that person may make them feel bad or possibly even make them aware they parked in a spot meant for the disabled. Of course, there's also the chance you could wind up in a heated discussion, like this one, and in these times, you never know if that means it could turn violent.

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