No, Mrs. Clinton is not playing baseball, but she is playing with the psyche of the American public in order to wrest more control over their lives to become the “ultimate power figure” in Washington, D.C.  In her unrestrained lust for power and when it is politically expedient, Hillary will pander to crowds of potential voters, stretch the truth regarding a personal experience, plead ignorance and victimhood for a circumstance in which she finds herself, or sully the reputation of a political opponent. Is this something new in the world of politics? It is not. And it is not unique to Hillary Clinton.

The recent and not so distant past has revealed how Mrs. Clinton perfected these techniques to benefit her aspirations. Of the fifteen to twenty known and reported scandals surrounding her public career, each have just “went away” without a definitive finale, leaving the public to infer that varying degrees of shadiness and/or outright criminality must have occurred at the direction of Hillary Clinton and those in close association with her. Even during legal inquiry and public scrutiny, when queried about her dubious deeds, she will give tortured answers and responses designed to make her actions seem no different than what the average mom and pop would do for their family.  When pressed on details, a level of indignation appears and the questioner is directed to move past the current topic and look forward to a promised bright future

Fast forward to current day and you will find not much has changed when it comes to the tactics Hillary employs as she seeks the nation’s highest office. So if we are to take Mrs. Clinton at her word, when a so-called scandal involving her erupts, then we must expect her to follow through by example with what she deems the proper consequence for her political opponents when they find themselves in similar circumstances.

For example, and to use her words, it was proper to “call out” Donald Trump when she determined his rhetoric regarding illegal immigration was deeply offensive. When she takes offense to an opposing view being expressed, then that view must be silenced. The family members of the men who were killed in Benghazi find it offensive being called liars by Mrs. Clinton, so she must immediately rectify that charge and “call herself out” for making it.

Another question on the minds of voters is the trustworthiness, words and deeds, of Hillary Clinton. If the top quality of any office holder is the ability to honestly relate with their constituents, answering a simple question as to the voracity of your own character should not require a strained response. Not so in this case. Does Hillary believe a dishonest person should ascent to such a lofty position as President of The United States?

However, the irrevocable proof of Hillary’s double standard lifestyle is found in her statement made on CNN Friday, July 8, 2016. While previous actions and statements may have been left up to campaign spin or supporter interpretation, this is her self-indictment of her admitted racism; the same racism that she says disqualifies others from being suited to hold office. It is with force of conviction that she says, “I will call for white people like myself to put ourselves in the shoes…” and that we need to start listening to the legitimate cries of the black community. With her words as the touchstone, one must conclude that she has been living a lie and is one of the uncaring bigoted white folks that are causing such racial strife among the citizens of the country. Therefore, as you stated Mrs. Clinton, you are unqualified to lead this nation. You're out.

We the people, as designated through our founding documents, are in the uniquely awesome and honorable position to determine who governs us as a nation. We must not consign this duty to preserve the republic to a vote based on emotion and media hyperbole.

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