Is this the most presidential behavior?

Donald Trump's campaign, already the stuff late night talk show hosts dream about, took another turn for the odd on Wednesday night when Trump autographed a woman's chest while he was in Manassas, Va.

As has been the case with most things Donald the last few months, it quickly captivated the Internet:

No matter which side of the aisle you sit, this is a somewhat eye-opening stunt, although, to be fair, Bill Clinton made headlines for his his antics with women while he was in office.

Still, it may be hard for some to comprehend that a man vying to become the leader of the free world would do this. To the best of our knowledge, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio have abstained from these sort of Girls Gone Wild shenanigans.

However, considering the fact Trump continues to lead the GOP field, maybe it's okay for him to give his John Hancock so close to a woman's breast. What do you think?

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