This should be another post about another Claressa Shields win, but we can't get passed the hook she landed.

Claressa beat Hermans in an undisputed decision to keep her undefeated 8-0 record in tact. Shields had less than a month to train for this fight, after just winning over Rankin.

Shields is a monster in the ring, and dominates her opponents from beginning to end. We've gotten so used to seeing her punish whoever is in the ring with her that we almost expect it.

That's why this hook that Shields landed is so crazy. We expect her to hit people hard, and we expect them to fall down afterward. Shields hit Hermans harder than we've seen her hit anyone before and somehow Hermans stayed up.

I've watched this a million times, and still can't figure out how Hermans stayed standing. The slow motion replay shows that she might have been out on her feet for a second before Shields hits her again.

Considering most boxers fight twice a year to take proper time to train, what Shields did in this fight is unbelievable. Check out some of the fight highlights below.

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