It's been less than a month since Claressa Shields made her victorious MMA debut, but it looks like she'll be stepping back into the octagon again soon.

Shields just made her MMA debut with a win on June 10th, and promised that she would be back in the ring soon. I don't think anyone was expecting her to be back this soon though. The details are still pretty cloudy, but it looks like her next MMA fight could be happening on August 27th in Florida. Her manager tweeted about the rumors that she would be fighting, but pointed out one very big missing detail.

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Even though it looks like ESPN is confirming that Shields will be fighting in August, her manager has confirmed that there is no opponent yet.

I'm no fight promoter, but this sounds like a case of information getting out before everyone was ready to announce it. When it comes to any fight, one of the most important pieces is the announcement, and following hype leading up to the fight. Now Shields camp is working to quell the leak that she will be fighting again so soon, so they can hype her return with the announcement of an opponent.

Is Shields done with Boxing?

The short answer is no, but it's definitely more complicated than that.

Shields became the first boxer ever to hold two division boxing championships earlier this year. She has said many times that she wants to fight again before the year is over, but is also making sure that the money is right.

Think about it, Shields is literally writing history every single time she gets in the ring. She is at the top of her sport, and has every right to determine when, where, and who she fights. Shields is working to close the huge money gap between men's and women's boxing.

There is one opponent that everyone is hoping Shields will step into the ring with. Her name is Savannah Marshall, and she is actually calling out Shields.

I don't know if I would do anything to call out Shields, mainly because she'd knock me out, but that's exactly what's happening here.

So the big question is, will the people in charge see enough value to pay these women what their worth?

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