Claressa Shields is stepping back in the boxing ring on December 11th against Ema Kozin, but that isn't stopping her from trading jabs with Jake Paul.

Claressa Shields and Jake Paul started beefing with each other shortly before Shields second MMA fight. Everything started when a reporter suggested that Shields would gain from fighting on a card headlined by Jake Paul. She took offense to the idea and made it very clear that Paul is not in her league when it comes to boxing.

The back and forth picked up steam after Shields lost her MMA fight, and Paul took the opportunity to get in a quick jab at her.

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The entire fighting world agrees that Shields loss in the MMA arena really means nothing to her unmatched boxing career. I do think that everyone is happy to see her back in the ring, and it will serve as a healthy reminder of how dominant of a boxer she is.

Shields has been promoting the upcoming fight on December 11th, but no matter what she does, it seems like the Jake Paul talk won't go away. Instead of closing the door on the beef, Shields invited Paul to settle it.

Now even though this is billed as a 6 round sparring match, I think we all know what happens the first time either of them lands a clean punch. It'll be a full-on fight!

Paul's team tried to cool down the situation and basically say they had no interest in fighting Shields, but she was not having any of it on Twitter.

*Shields uses some inappropriate language in the tweet below.

So will this fight actually happen? I honestly doubt it.

Paul has nothing to gain by getting his face mashed in by Shields, and as dumb as he is, I think his team is smart enough to see that.

In the meantime, Shields fans will be able to watch her defend her WBC, WBA and IBF middleweight titles on December 11th against Kozin.

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