We can already see Jeff Bezos in his bathrobe, picking up his newspaper, yelling, "Walmart! Get off my lawn!"

Walmart isn't wasting any time on catching up (and possibly eclipsing) its competition - the big-box chain store has announced their response to Amazon Prime, and it's called Walmart Plus.

The official launch happens on September 15th. Customers can pay $98 per year, annually, or they can pay $12.95 per month for the service, which includes free same-day delivery from more than half of their 4,700 stores, gas discounts, and the ability to skip the line in-store at the checkout counter.

The company had planned on rolling out the program back in April but was sidelined by the COVID-19 pandemic.

On the flip side, Amazon Prime members pay $119 per year annually or $12.99 per month for faster shipping (usually two days or less). Their Prime Video membership will run you an extra $8.99 per month.

While this is obviously a direct jab at their competition, Walmart has a long way to go before they become the go-to delivery service - Amazon Prime has over 150 million members at the moment.

We're Amazon Prime members and, frankly, it's been worth every penny. We always try to shop locally first but, when we can't find what we need, Amazon has been the best go-to. These subscription services are gonna be the absolute DEATH of our checking account. It's gone from one to a hundred VERY fast because everything nowadays has a subscription fee attached to it.

Go ahead. Take it all.


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