In a world of Amazon, grocery delivery and Door Dash, let's not forget those who bring us our goodies.

They leave the house so we don't have to. They drive in the rain, sleet, and snow so we can send gifts around the world. They bring us our Taco Bell when we're too drunk to drive at 2 AM. They bring our groceries to our house when we're taking care of sick kids.


The first few years that I put this box out, it was just the postal service and UPS. Now, it's EVERYBODY - Door Dash, Instacart, Shipt, Fedex and more.

Full disclosure: I love ordering EVERYTHING. Even if I wasn't a busy, working mom, I still wouldn't want to leave the house. And I want my delivery drivers to know how much I appreciate them.

Don't forget about those who leave the house so we don't have to during the holidays!

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