Not exactly the list everyone is hoping to land on. Being named the worst of anything is less than flattering. Trust us, we know, our professional sports teams here in Michigan continually take a hit, but now our cities?

Get this, just came out with its list of "The 40 Worst Cities to Visit in the United States", and Michigan made the list with not one, but two cities. Yes, Michigan made the "we don't want to be here" list with both Detroit and Flint.

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According to the site, the list is comprised of cities that,

"Happen to have less-than-stellar conditions for visiting, such as poverty, high crime rates, and unemployment. Other areas are just not all that exciting, despite having a name that’s 'known' or in many cases, a well-known celebrity just happened to grow up there".

Ok, ouch.


So let's break it down. When it comes to Detroit the city found its spot on the list based on having a poor reputation due to the declining economy. Detroit was also flagged for,

"Having some of the rudest residents! Although “Motor City” used to be a go-to when visiting, most tourists steer clear of that area now thanks to the abandoned buildings and rumors of high crime rates."

Stop. I'm pretty sure you can find a rude resident just about anywhere. As for the abandoned buildings, drive around a bit, and check out Eastern Market, the Motown Museum, the DIA, and even The Fox Theatre. There are plenty of things that warrant a visit. The "D" has had a rough run in the past, but it's coming back. You can't base it all on years gone by, I mean Salem, Massachusetts made the list, and we all know that back story right? Forgive and forget is my motto.


Now, what about our Flint? According to the "bio", Flint made the list just because it's Flint. Seriously, look at this write-up.

"Who hasn’t heard of Flint, Michigan by now and all of the troubles that seem to have gone along with the name? I mean, who would really want to visit Flint, Michigan on purpose at this point? Not only do they have the well-known issues that made headlines over the past couple of years, but Flint has other problems as well."

Yes, they even mentioned the water crisis and poverty due to losing much of the auto industry. Here's the deal, not every place can be Disney World every single day. (by the way, Orlando made the list, so there's that).

Flint is so underrated. It has one of the best cultural centers in the country, host to worldwide known events such as Back to the Brick along with the Crim Festival of Races, and the home to not one, but four notable colleges/universities including the University of Michigan & Kettering University. Not too shabby in my book.

Truthfully, cities have their ups and downs, but when people believe in a city it can make all the difference in the world. We Michiganders are pretty proud of our cities...come visit anytime.

Check out the full Top 40 list here, and let us know what you think of the choices.

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