Man do we miss that classic updates from the Flint Police Operations Facebook page.

A few years ago, Facebook was actually tolerable, and killing time while scrolling your feed made you laugh. Nowadays, not so much. Most of what you see is arguing, political warfare, and other stupid posts.

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Before COVID, Facebook was a playground of off-the-wall things. So to relive some of that glory, we are going to take a look back at some of the classic Facebook posts put out by the Flint Police Operations Facebook page.

Back in the day when you were scrolling and saw a post from Flint Police Operations, you had to stop and read it because you never knew what kind of crazy you would see. Not only did this page help get out important information about emergencies, police situations, missing children, and more, but it also brought to light some of the crazy things happening on the streets of Flint.

Unfortunately, back in May of 2019, authorities in Genesee County started scrambling their communications. This move made it impossible for the Flint Police Operations page to monitor police scanners and give us this gold content. Even though the page lives on and continues to keep us up-to-date on information happening in Flint, the lack of scanning of the channels only allows for limited posts like the ones below.

Be sure to give them a like and follow if you haven't already, it still is a great page to follow. In the meantime, let's take a trip down memory lane of some of the classic WTF posts on the Flint Police Operations page. Also, shout out to our old pal Tree for mining these gems back in the day!

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