The Chicago White Sox don’t worry me, even though they're the only team so far to take a series from the Detroit Tigers.  The White Sox may be better than people expected, but does anyone think they’ll really challenge Detroit?

It’s a good thing the Texas Rangers aren’t in the AL Central.  I don’t care if the Ranger's 10 run, 19 hit, shellacking was put on a guy still trying out for a fifth starter job that was always going to be filled by committee; the Rangers are good, and that line-up is never-ending deep.   Add a great running game and even better pitching and they are down right scary.

The Tigers have swept two series, won a series, and lost a series.  It's only game one of the first ALCS rematch, but it already feels so long ago that we (ok, I) had visions of Detroit going 162-0.  There’s no doubt Detroit has a really good team, but there are question marks:

1)      Boesch, Avilla and Jackson?  These 3 young players are going to have to be consistent producers.  Boesch has to stay healthy.  Avilla has to show up in the play-offs.  And Jackson needs to get on base.

2)       Delmon Young?  Can he really protect Fielder?  Is he a number 5 hitter?

3)      Jhonny Peralta?  Was last season an anomaly?

4)      Jose Valverde.  How could he match last season?  Having already blown his very first save opportunity this season, he can't.  That'll be forgotten if he gets back on track, but it seems so far more like we’re in for a Todd Jones, rollercoaster closing season…

Tonight it’s Rangers 10, Tigers 3.  But if everything comes together like it could…