The Detroit Tigers have won seven in a row. This team is on a mission to be better. They have stunk the past few years, but I really feel the drought is over in the years to come.

This Tiger team has had marginal talent and shoddy leadership from the top. They have just gone through the motions the past few years. Bad managers and overpaid players that just flat out smelled for whatever reasons.

They have been so bad for a long time and accumulated solid high draft picks. Those players are now starting to produce in the minors and are getting seasoned.

The trade deadline is a week from today. One of the Tiger free agent signings the past couple of years will be in demand for a contender. Jonathon Schoop is that player. He is represented by Scott Boros, the top agent for MLB players. Schoop definitely is in demand for a team looking for another bat.

The Tigers have turned their losing ways around because of one reason. His name is AJ Hinch. Hinch played for the Tigers when they were at their worst, so he saw the bad baseball all the way back then. He earned the manager’s job in Houston where he won a World Series under much scrutiny and controversy. He let the sign-stealing controversy continue so they could beat teams. They used this system to know what pitch was coming as a hitter faced the pitcher. They were caught and he was fired and suspended for a year from MLB.

The Tigers got lucky and he fell into their lap when the White Sox rehired Hall of Fame manager Tony LaRussa. Bottom line, the Tigers have changed their losing ways because Hinch is a solid manager and knows how to evaluate talent and just plain manage million-dollar ballplayers.

They have to continue to make good draft picks and develop them in their farm system. Plus, get a few solid free agents that are missing pieces to the puzzle. There’s only one reason the Tigers are on an upswing, and that’s their manager AJ Hinch!

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