We can make all the "dirty butt" jokes in the world, but there's still no toilet paper left. Why??

It's no joke -  there is NO FREAKIN' TOILET PAPER AT THE STORES. I'd seen the pics on social media and, honestly, I was afraid to go myself to find that the rumors were true - people are panicking about COVID-19 and stockpiling toilet paper.

But WHY? Why toilet paper? The first things I thought about were essential grocery items and food for my pets, but TP never crossed my mind. I wish it would have, because now there's none to be had.

According to psychologists, it's a control issue. We don't have any control over this situation right now, and purchasing essentials is the ONE THING that people can control.

It happens before natural disasters like hurricanes or, in smaller countries, during times of political unrest. Now, it's happening during a health crisis.

Scarcity drives demand. Because we're all seeing that toilet paper is in short supply, people are stockpiling.

THIS IS NOT OKAY, PEOPLE. Buy only what you need and leave some for the rest of us, please.

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