As of late, they were able to send $5,000 overseas to help people and wildlife displaced by the fires.

Kathy and John Morrison live in Fremont, Michigan. Their son, Max, went to school in Australia and his roommate, Rylan, is from the small Australian town of Budgong. The young men became close friends and Rylan even stayed with the Morrisons when he came to Michigan.

Kathy found out that the devastating bushfires in Australia had reached Rylan's hometown, and she wanted to help. She couldn't find any charities that would directly donate to Budgong, so she started a Facebook fundraiser. Within hours, she was receiving money from strangers around the world.

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They were able to send $5,000 to the Budgong City Council, which distributed it to help local families. Part of the money also went to the local wombat and kangaroo rescues.

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