Did you know that this was not the first time in the history of the Detroit Lions that the opposing team's kicker set an all-time field goal record to win the game? This time it was Justin Tucker of the Baltimore Ravens.

Tucker is one of the best kickers in the NFL. With not much time left on the clock this past Sunday, Tucker kicks a 66 yard field goal to beat the Lions at home. Unbelievable!

So the irony of this article is this. On Sunday they honored the two newest members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton. The outstanding wide out that played for Detroit Calvin Johnson and deceased defensive lineman and movie star Alex Karras.

Now, the story goes like this. Alex Karras was on the field when the Lions were playing the New Orleans Saints in 1970. With hardly any time left on the clock, the Saints kicker who on his kicking foot has a half of foot, booted a 63 yard field goal. The late Alex Karras said it sounded like a shotgun going off. Another Hall of Famer Lem Barney almost blocked it. The Lions were beaten and stunned!

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Like I said, Dempsey kicks a 63 yard field goal in 1970 and Justin Tucker kicks a 66 yard field goal in 2021 to set another NFL record. What’s surreal is they were honoring the late Alex Karras on Sunday. Only the Detroit Lions would have this happen to them.

Want to know what's even weirder? The score for both games ended up being 19-17. Can you believe that? I can. It’s the Lions!

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