CDC Director Dr. Walensky appeared on CBS's Face the Nation on Sunday.

The Director for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, was on CBS's Sunday night show Face the Nation last night and was asked about trick-or-treating this year for kids. When asked by Face the Nation's host, Margaret Brennan, if kids should go trick-or-treating this year on Halloween and if it's safe, Dr. Walensky's reply was...

Oh gosh, I certainly hope so. If you're able to be outdoors, absolutely. Limit crowds, I wouldn't necessarily go to crowded...a crowded Halloween party, but I think that we should be able to let our kids go trick-or-treating, in small groups, and  I hope we can do that this year...Dr. Walensky.


I know I am not the only one that absolutely loves Halloween. From the decorations to the food, taking the kids trick-or-treating, see the kids dress up and have fun, and passing out is all so much fun. I am certain that the kids are ready to hit the streets and get that candy this year.

I often wonder who has more fun. The kids or the adults? For the last five or six years, I have had a blast with my friends and their kids. We all get to come together, each a bunch of food and candy, and take part in trick-or-treating. Some of us stay behind and pass out the candy and some of us take the kids around the neighborhood. Add on a bonfire and a few drinks for the adults and smores for the kids and the night turns out awesome. I can't wait for this year as we are going to try and take the crown of coolest Halloween house on the block.

Source: CBS Face the Nation

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