There are some new disturbing details regarding the South Haven shooter who opened fire on innocent people who were at the South Haven Pier, August 20, 2021.

It was a huge tragedy that Aidan Ingalls was able to shoot a married couple who were together for decades, killing the husband and seriously injuring his wife for absolutely no reason. Ingalls took shots at others nearby on the beach and in a sailboat. The worst part is, all of this could have been prevented.

I know it is hindsight, but when a man had already been caught planning a shooting at Paw Paw high school, that's a pretty big red flag right there. There is no way he should have been released let alone be allowed to have guns. It's not child's play or going through a phase when you plan to shoot up a school, it's more of when and where is this person going to see this through and innocent lives will be lost.

According to FOX 17, when Aidan Ingalls shot and killed a man, seriously wounded his wife, and shot at others on or near the South Haven pier, he then turned the gun on himself.

After investigating Ingalls, police uncovered his journal and found this, "here I am and for the first time in what feels like ages, I don't really feel sick. I don't feel anxious, nervous, excited, happy, sad, etc. I feel absolutely nothing but content and acceptance."

Those chilling words were written into Ingalls' journal before he headed to the pier and began shooting. There were also swastikas and white supremacy markings that were on the gun he used to kill the man.

His room was filled with books on serial killers, Hitler, the Columbine shooting, and more. The usual shooter's playbook basically.

Ingalls had been released from the justice system just two weeks before he went on the shooting rampage. This was after law enforcement in Van Buren County had feared Ingalls would do something if he was allowed to walk free, and unfortunately, they were right.

Here is a video that shows the shooter before he took his own life:

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