A Flint woman caused quite a scene in downtown Flint today as she interrupted an event at the Farmers Market to scream about the Flint water problems.

The woman jumped out of the crowd that had gathered at the market to hear about the market's recent accolades and new businesses.  She interrupted a press conference, and proceeded to shout about the harmful Flint water.

Eventually, Farmers Market security escorted the woman off of the property.  Witnesses alleged that the woman spit on one person, and bit a market employee. Police were called, and the woman was arrested later.

While nobody doubts the problems with Flint tap water, the woman's message was definitely aimed at the wrong group of people.  The Flint Farmers' Market has nothing to do with the city's water situation.  In fact, the market is involved with organizations trying to find ways to improve the Flint water problems.

The Flint Farmers Market has been the recipient of some great national recognition lately.  Check out the details below.


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