Peru Goalie Makes Incredible Double-Save
Uruguay's Gonzalo Bueno should have scored a clinching goal against Peru last week in a game between the nations' Under-20 teams. Bueno DIDN'T score, because Peruvian goalkeeper Angelo Campos may be the fastest man in South America.
Norwegian Kicker Scores NFL Tryout Thanks To Viral Video
While just about every NFL player hails from North America, the league has a long history of recruiting place kickers who come from all corners of globe; in fact the league's next big kicking star may come from Norway. But the big story about Havard Rugland's big left foot is how it got noticed by NFL talent evaluators.
North Korea Woman’s Soccer Coach Blames Lightning For World Cup Loss To U.S.
Among other things, North Korea is a strange place when it comes to sports.  Its leader, Kim Jong Il, once claimed he shot the best round of golf in recorded history, and after North Korea men’s soccer team had an unsuccessful run in the 2010 World Cup they were forced to stand on a stage where they were berated by 400 government officials. Perhaps it is in this context that we can best understand