Emergency Manager Michael Brown

Emergency Manager Law to go Before Voters on November Ballot
The Michigan Supreme Court has ruled that a referendum of the state's emergency manager law should go before voters on the November ballot.
According to MLive, four of the seven justices agreed that the Board of Canvassers must certify the referendum petition submitted by Stand Up for Democracy,…
Gleason Writes Snyder Letter Regarding Flint City Jail
State Senator John Gleason (D-Flushing) wrote the following letter to Governor Rick Snyder regarding the decision to privatize the Flint Jail. the text of the letter is as follows:
Dear Governor Snyder,
As the State Senator representing that City of Flint, I am deeply concerned with the ac…
City of Flint to Hold Street Lighting Assessment Hearing
The City of Flint will hold a second public hearing this evening on the proposed street lighting assessment district.
According to a release on the City of Flint website, as part of the Fiscal Year 2013 budget the nearly $3 million a year cost of Flint's street lighting operation and its effect …
Emergency Manager to Meet w/Council and Discuss Water Options
Flint's Emergency Manager, Michael Brown, has rescheduled his May meeting with the Flint City Council.
Brown's meeting with the Council will include a discussion of water options for the City of Flint. There will be a presentation given by Director of Infrastructure Howard Croft followed by…
With Audio: City of Flint Unveils Plans for Public Safety
In the same room that Governor Snyder gave his Special Message to the Legislature on Public Safety in March, City of Flint officials gave their working plan today to address public safety issues.
Emergency Manager Michael Brown, new Public Safety Administrator Barnett Jones and Chief Alvern Lock laid…

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