State Senator John Gleason (D-Flushing) wrote the following letter to Governor Rick Snyder regarding the decision to privatize the Flint Jail. the text of the letter is as follows:










Dear Governor Snyder,

As the State Senator representing that City of Flint, I am deeply concerned with the actions taken by Emergency Manager Michael Brown in regards to the Flint city jail. As Mr. Brown is not accountable in any way to the people of Flint, but only to you as your designated appointee, I am writing to you to seek clarification on his actions.

There had been discussions that would have allowed the Genesee County Sheriff to take over operations at the jail. This arrangement would have allowed laid-off Flint police officers to be rehired to run the daily operations. This would put officers back to work, create jobs, and make the community safer.  All positive, laudable actions.

Mr. Governor, I am asking you to please explain to the citizens of Flint the full details of this privatization effort. They would like to know why the decision to privatize was made and how this option is superior to allowing the county sheriff to take control. The citizens are also demanding to know the full cost of this effort and the details of the company that will receive the contract.

Governor Snyder, you ran on a platform of best practice, accountability and transparency, all principles that I agree with.  However, as far as I and the citizens I represent can tell, those three things have been missing from the process your appointee has used to make his decision. I am asking you to shed some light on an issue of great concern to our constituents.


John Gleason

State Senator