The Flint Water Crisis has definitely helped Governor Snyder adopt the new, tough lead standard for Michigan.

Governor Snyder announced this week that he plans on adopting the toughest lead standards in the country for Michigan.

Right now the federal lead standard is 15 parts per billion, but Snyder is proposing that Michigan will have a standard of 10 parts per billion by 2020.

This isn't a new plan from Snyder, but he is bringing it to the forefront again.  He won't need any legislative approval to set the standard, but here are a lot of other moving parts.

Most times the lead is an issue with pipes, and as we in Flint are finding out the hard way, replacing pipes is neither quick or easy.

The new lower standard is kind of a no brainer, but it will be interesting to see how he handles the water infrastructure issues in Michigan.  Will he put new proposals to help this process along or will he leave it for the next Governor when his term is up?


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