Susan Rice, the U.S. Ambassador the Obama administration trotted out in response to the terror attack in Benghazi, has been named as national security adviser according to Fox News. Rice will replace Tom Donilon who is resigning from the post. She does not need Senate confirmation.

Rice, was once in the running to be Secretary of State after Hillary Clinton resigned. However, after the uproar surrounding her television appearances claiming the terror attack was triggered by an anti-Islam film, she withdrew her name from consideration.

Many questioned her statements about that being the reason for the attacks. The Obama administration later acknowledged there were no protests on the ground in Benghazi and it was indeed a terror attack. The White House later released the "talking points" that Rice was given that had been been drafted and redrafted in advance of her appearance. Still, it is unclear whether Rice helped in the process of the drafting the "talking points." Regardless, she went out and mislead the American people.

What do you think about Rice being named national security adviser? Is this a reward for her holding the "company line?"Does she have any credibility?