Let me admit my knowledge of computer technology is at best mediocre. I struggle to understand DOS for dummies and must call the help line to properly answer my pager. When all attempts to enter the tech world fail, I’ll still have my carrier pigeons to rely on.

When the initial and subsequent reports of the attack on our embassy were made, I recall hearing of our government’s ability to monitor the situation in real time via satellite and drone technology. Now with my limited knowledge of all things tech, I questioned that possibility. Then I remembered watching cable news reports showing various stories “Live”, with reporters on scene talking to the anchor back in the studio each on different coasts and/or continents. Stories of weather conditions, royal weddings, entertainers and even scenes from war zones were broadcast. This made me wonder about what was known and who might know about the attack in Benghazi. I am not a conspiracy theorist and am not prone to believe in such thought, but if our intelligence services and military capabilities are second to none, then someone must have been reporting the events as they occurred and someone must have been watching. On that fateful night, America lost four of its brave servants and today families, friends and fellow patriots mourn that loss while seeking answers as to why and how.

If my memory serves correct, the “incident” in Benghazi was blamed on a rouge and vile video by an amateur filmmaker. This was the official reason given by The President and others in the administration then, and still today. However more questions as to the cause of the attack and our (U.S. military) lack of a response remain unanswered even after congressional hearings, media reports and public inquiries. Each inquiry concludes with statements about the next upcoming hearing that will shed light on what was missed in those prior. In other words no one wants to admit being responsible in the dereliction of their duty in protecting Americans and our assets. The amount of finger pointing and excuse making is akin to listening to children answer for the broken window while holding the baseball behind their back. With communications today being instantaneous surely those in high government offices DID know what was taking place as it took place. The only question which remains is why no response?

One might also find curious that a great deal of the American public is unaware of the attack or may be under the impression it is no big deal or is a closed matter. Also the lack of interest on the part of many journalists to probe beyond the “official statements” of the administration is troubling as well. We do know however, all about the filmmaker said to be responsible for the attack. The same media who informed us of this individual has failed to query about the individuals who actually participated in the attack. But to their credit they did let us know about the certain sexual antics of a young entertainer and we are up to date on the latest fashion craze for the summer. It’s a matter priority for sure!

The facts remain there was an attack, the administration did little if anything to respond, there are four dead Americans and those responsible are still at large. Were we uninformed or unaware of their plight? Not hardly. Modern technology proves that. More than likely the administration was UNWILLING to act, even if only a ‘show’ of force was offered. We hear of the “War room” in the White House and the ability of our military to strike at a moment’s notice when threats are imminent. So, what happened, or in this case didn’t happen?

I’ve seen versions of computer and arcade games fashioned after deployed military technology. Also the ability of anyone with a cell phone to manage their entire life is commonplace today. Again, not being a tech geek but living in the real world, I find it near impossible to believe that we were not able to respond in Benghazi in a fashion to affect the outcome of that attack, so the “we didn’t know enough” defense does not hold water. Information from this administration is purposefully being withheld and most journalists aren’t demanding more as they should. Until the truth is known and those responsible are held to account, “at this point…” it does make a difference.