The dream is over. Stephen Colbert is no longer running for President of the United States. So what becomes of his Super PAC money, which he famously left in care of fellow Comedy Central funnyman Jon Stewart?

Stewart was on no mood to return the cash, so Colbert confronted him on Monday night’s ‘Colbert Report.’ Cribbing generously from Liam Neeson’s famous threat in ‘Taken,’ Colbert demanded Stewart give him back the money or else.

This led to a long chase that started out like the wacky silent film stars ‘The Keystone Cops,’ then took an inexplicable turn to ‘Matrix’- style gymnastics, and included a stop on the set of ‘The View.’

Finally Colbert caught Stewart in an abandoned building, and extracted the loot in a way that was unexpected and bizarre. But, really, not that much more bizarre than some of the stunts the real politicians have been pulling this election season.

[via Gawker]

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