The cancellation of Larry Wilmore’s Nightly Show remains a sudden shock days after the fact, even as Wilmore gears up for his final show on Thursday. He certainly won’t be alone, as fellow Comedy Central departure (and executive producer) Jon Stewart will put in an appearance to help send off his show’s former “Senior Black Correspondent.”

Per Entertainment Weekly, the reclusive Stewart will follow his Late Show With Steven Colbert appearances by guesting on Wilmore’s final Nightly Show, of which the host promised “we’re just going to be simple.” Stewart’s lead-in often bolstered Nightly Show ratings (a factor that weighed heavily on its cancellation), while Wilmore says of the final show:

We’re gonna do a little reminiscing. I’m going to talk to all the contributors — although Mike Yard and Ricky Velez unfortunately aren’t going to be here because they already had plans to be away. But everybody else should be around. Jon Stewart is going to drop by, and I’m going to talk to him. So he’ll be popping in.

Wilmore guested on The Daily Show for years as its “Senior Black Correspondent,” while Stewart played a significant producing role in developing The Nightly Show. The cancellation decision was said to come down to a costly contract renewals for 15 members of the Nightly Show’s on-and-off-screen staff (plus Wilmore himself), a tough prospect with the show’s 0.2 in the 18-49 demo ratings.

The Nightly Show will come to an end tonight, clips of which will likely be found online thereafter.

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