The smoke could affect the air quality in southeastern Michigan this week, so be prepared.

There are multiple fires burning on the west coast of the country right now. California, Oregon and Washington are all being, quite literally, burned alive. As winds shifted over the weekend, firefighters struggle to contain these massive wildfires.

“There’s just so much fire,” said Ryan Walbrun, a fire weather meteorologist with the National Weather Service told the New York Times. “And so much smoke.”

Speaking of the smoke, it's made its way all the way across the country to Michigan.

"The only thing we usually get from that is a hazy sunrise or sunset," Bryan Tilley, National Weather Service meteorologist in White Lake Township, told the Detroit Free Press. "If smoke from the wildfires makes it this far east, its going to be at high altitudes and so keeps it affecting air quality in the Detroit area."

Satellite imagery from the weekend showed the swath of wildfire smoke creeping its way across the United States, making it all the way here to the mitten state.

Obviously, the smoke won't create as serious of a problem as it is on the west coast, but it could still adversely affect air quality for those who are sensitive to it.

Be careful when you're outside, Michiganders. We're not immune to the problems in the rest of the country.

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